Saturday, 28 February 2015

In the garden,,,

Mitre 10 Mega came to help Onerahi Primary school make their butterfly garden even better! It was a very busy day! Every child in the school helped out and we had lots of awesome parents come along and help too. The garden is looking fantastic and the children are loving spending time in there. Here are some of our recounts about helping out on the day.

When we lined up we went to our new butterfly garden. I was helping the people.

By Roira.

It was a really cool and exciting time at the Butterfly Garden. It was different and cool! But it wasn't just a Butterfly Garden anymore, it was an Edible Forest! It was an exiting day.

By Olivia.

Last Friday Mitre 10 Mega came to Onerahi Primary School and jazzed up the Butterfly Garden. Then in the afternoon we had an assembly and got a look around the new Butterfly Garden.

By Lucy.

We went to the Butterfly Garden and I had to help lay the stones down on the path and it was fun. There is a scarecrow on the fence, it is cool. There is a pole that shows you where to go. And in a tree there is a birds nest and it is green and there are sticks that look like flowers and a Zombie and it's arms move. And there are stepping stone as well.

By Bronson.

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  1. Bronson took me on a guided tour and the garden looks fantastic. I love the scarecrows and the zombie looks like Bronson doing backstroke. Well done to everybody who worked on the garden. I’m sure the fruit and vegetables will taste yummy and be sold at the school market, unless Ms Burgess eats them all first, ha ha.